Each active officer is required to complete a minimum of at least 4 hours of training in three of the four core curricular areas- Legal Studies, Interpersonal Perspectives, Technical Studies. The fourth curricular area is Skill Development, which has no minimum hour requirement.

The core curricular areas are defined as follows: 

Legal Studies: Training focuses on updates or familiarization concerning federal, state, and local laws or legal issues.  

Interpersonal Perspectives: Training focuses on communication skills such as cultural diversity training, ethics, conflict management, victim sensitivity, and stress management.

Technical Studies: Training focuses on specialized study activities which directly relate to the job description, including first aid and CPR.

Skill Development: Training focuses on activities that develop physical skills proficiency such as defensive tactics, firearms (mandatory four hours), and driver training.

REMEMBER: At least four hours of firearms training every three-year reporting period is required. Additionally, every peace officer with the authority to enforce motor vehicle or traffic laws shall obtain at least three hours of continuing education training regarding Racial Profiling each three-year reporting period.

The cost for continuing education classes will vary. Most classes offered will be provided free to those officers belonging to a member agency. For free classes, officers from non-member agencies will be charged a $10.00 fee to receive a POST Certificate. If a class is presented by an organization from outside the greater St. Louis area, there may be a charge for members. When there is a fee for a given class, we request that the payment be made before the class is presented or tendered just before the class begins. Individuals who are signing up for classes who are not an active law enforcement officer, in order to hold a seat, a payment of half the tuition will be required to be received at least two weeks before the start of the class. These deposits are non-refundable. Reimbursement to non-member agencies will be made for those officers who do not show up for training if we receive a cancellation notice at least 24 hours before the scheduled start of the class.

DRESS CODE ENFORCED - Appropriate Attire is Required 

Department uniform 

Dress slacks 


Dress shoes or boots 

Business suit 

Sports coat 

Jacket or sweater is optional 

*Female attire must be of equivalent propriety.  

Inappropriate Attire: 

Jeans of any style or color 


Athletic clothing 


Tennis Shoes 

Inappropriately lettered or painted coats or jackets 

These inappropriate items will preclude those wearing such items from attending Continuing Education or In-Service Training Programs. 

Any change in the dress code will be explicitly mentioned in the course description. 


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