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Security License Office General Information:
Eastern Missouri Police Academy
Security Licensing – St. Charles County 
11 Meadows Circle Drive 422 
Lake St. Louis, MO 63367 
Security Information call 636 614 -4072 

To receive a Temporary Security License: Revised 03/05/2021
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 am – 4:00pm (Closed from 12:15pm -1:15pm for lunch)

You MUST bring: ---> Security Application Form
    -Original letter of hire from company (Letter must be on company letterhead, signed & dated no more than five business days prior to application date) AND completed security application.   
    -Application fee of $60.00 (Effective March 1, 2016)
    -Receipts from St. Charles County showing you were fingerprinted ($33.25). (See fingerprint instructions provided by the security entity/employer.) Applicant will be sent to St. Charles County PD to get fingerprinted BEFORE they come in to apply. SCCPD prefers you wear a face covering/mask as do we. A convicted felon (to include a felony SES) cannot be licensed in St. Charles County. Fingerprints are required annually.

Temporary License—The temp will allow the applicant to complete the 16-hour Basic Training course. You will have NO powers of arrest or search & seizure under the temporary license. Only one temporary license is permitted. NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE MADE. TEMPORARY LICENSES EXPIRE ON DAY-TWO OF THE 16-HOUR BASIC SECURITY TRAINING CLASS.

Initial Training Requirements:
    -Applicants must successfully complete the next available 16-hour Basic Security class. This is MANDATORY or you will not be issued a license. If you do not pass the 16-hour class test the first time, you will be given one additional opportunity to pass the test. You must retest within five business days of initial test. If you fail to pass the test the second time your temporary license will become null and void.
    -Class fee is $80.00 and is due when you arrive on day-one of class. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Business casual OR security uniform with a collar. NO jeans, t-shorts, shorts, athletic wear, etc.
    -If you are do not have the $80 fee, if you are late to class, dressed inappropriately, do not have a mask/face covering or do not attend the 16-hour class, your temporary license will become null and void. NO EXCEPTIONS. You will be given one additional opportunity to complete the temporary licensing process from the beginning to include all fees should the hiring company provide you with a new letter to reapply and another appointment is made.  

Protective Devices:
Any protective device training must be requested by the security company via original letter on company letterhead. The applicant must attend the certification class through our Academy preferably but may be completed through another certified police academy with the exception of handcuffing and firearm training. There is a two-day security firearm class required before one can be armed. If the licensee’s employer does not request a protective device, the licensee cannot possess it. Handcuffing (PATH) and OC (pepper spray) certifications expire every three years. TASER certification requires annual certification. Please refer to specifics for each protective device on class flyer and in the St. Charles County Ordinance for security licensing, 605.010  

A renewal class is MANDATORY to renew a St. Charles county license each year. The class needs to be a minimum of four-hours for an unarmed license and requires an eight-hour firearms re-qualification class to renew an armed license. A yearly schedule of classes will be given to your employer and is available on our website. The fee for security classes range from $50.00-$250.00 depending on the class. To enroll in any four-hour class, the applicant must email or call Security at (636) 614-4072. The applicant must attend ALL (non-protective device) four-hour classes through our Academy. If the class has not been completed before the license expiration date and the license renewed, the applicant must start the application process over from the beginning to include another temporary license, 16-hour class, background check and all fees associated with each should the company provide a new letter to reapply.
Licensee MUST make an appointment to renew license no more than 30 days prior to expiration date of license and bring:
    -Original letter of continuation of employment from company. Letter must be on company letterhead, signed & dated no more than 5 business days prior to appointment date. Letter must indicate any protective devices and certifications must be current.
    -Applicant must be fingerprinted by St. Charles County BEFORE they can be renewed. Fingerprints are required annually. (See fingerprint details on instructions provided by your employer.) SCCPD prefers you wear a face covering/mask as do we.
    -Fee of $60.00
    -Old security license

Transfer of License:
A license may be transferred from one company to another OR you may add a second security company to an existing license as long as license is current. An appointment is needed for all transfers/add on's. Licensee must supply an original, signed letter of hire from new security company (dated no more than 5 business days prior to date they come in to transfer license), old license and $25.00. Expiration date will remain the same. It is illegal to work for any company that is NOT indicated on temporary or permanent license.
Working with an Illegal License or Temporary License:
    -It is a violation of St. Charles County Ordinance 605.010 to:
    -Work with an expired temporary license or expired license
    -Work for one company under another company’s license
    -Work without a license or temporary license
    -Work without a license or temporary license on your person
    -Carry a protective device for which you are not certified by this police academy
    -Work out of uniform (if not licensed to do so)
    -If prosecuted under any of the above violations you can serve up to 30 days in jail and up to a $300.00 fine.

Return Check Policy
You will have ten days from date of letter to make restitution. Failure to comply will result in security license being revoked. Once restitution is made, your license will be reinstated. Return check fee is $25.

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